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Air quality assessment has become a major issue for governments, companies and citizens.
With more than 15 years of expertise in the field of air quality monitoring, Aria technologies and Groupe Tera have decided to merge their technologies to provide the most accurate air quality information, worldwide.
In a matter of minutes, integrate advanced air quality data in your applications, products and services.
Don’t know where to start? We support you from the definition of your needs to the implementation of a fully operational solution to meet your specific needs and goals.


Expert in air quality measurement, Group Tera develops connected solutions to monitor air in real time. Discover its latest innovation, Next-PM

Expert in air quality modeling, Aria Technologies has developed advanced solutions to build the most accurate air quality models for local authorities (Delhi…), industries or events like the Olympic games.

Worldwide air quality API

Our challenge : providing our clients the most accurate air quality information service

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Smart building


Improve energy efficiency

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Home automation


Improve well being, health and environmental awareness



Cleaner transportations
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Improve security and efficiency, Worker protection, Traceability and process optimization

Facility management


Fault detection, predictive maintenance, Smart ventilation

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