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TERA Cloud

TERA Cloud

Control your campaigns and easily access your data

TERA Cloud allows you to view and analyze real-time information collected by your sensors.

  • Email alerts
  • Real Time Data
  • Custom reports
  • Graphics
  • Display on Google Map
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Remote data access
Secure web tool
Backup and data encryption
Easy management of measurement campaigns.
Monitoring and alerts
Alerts in case of sensor problems (battery, data transmission...) and pollutant exceedance levels (email alerts in the expert cloud version).
Sensor geolocation on Google Maps or an uploaded site plan.
Data analysis
Data analysis: Mean, Median, Minimum, Maximum and tendency.
Custom graphic edition (soon custom report)


Secured access
TERA Cloud TERA Cloud Technical TERA Cloud Expert
Real-time field campaign monitoring X X
Data download X X
Hourly data analysis* X X
High time resolution data analysis* X
E-mail alerts** X
Custom graphics
(reports soon)
Advanced data analysis Toolbox
(mean of means, statistics…)

* Mean, Median, Maximum, Minimum, Tendancy
** Pollutant exceedance level, battery and data transmission warnings