groupe tera air quality monitoring

15 years of expertise and innovation
in air quality monitoring.

Innovative solutions for real time air quality monitoring.


Air quality monitoring 

As a reference in the field of air quality characterization and live monitoring, Groupe TERA provides tailored services for environement, high-tech and health companies to assist them in the chemical characterization of their environment.
Its businesses range from the design of sensors for measuring real time the air quality to laboratory analysis of pollutants in ambient air and industrial discharges. Operating throughout the production chain, Groupe TERA has the ability to offer custom turnkey solutions to meet the needs of each client. Placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, Groupe TERA is also involved in several R & D projects, all related to air quality.
Among its various missions, Groupe TERA is dedicated to bringing advanced scientifical research into everyday products and services for health, performance and wellness improvment. TERA also developps solutions dedicated to the general public like Breathe Up, a geolocation based application giving its users, in real time, the impact of air quality on their organism based on their health profil and level of physical activity.